Dinosaur Plant


Hello, I am the amazing Dinosaur Plant! I am one of the longest-living plants in the world! My ancestors were around to see the first dinosaurs emerge. At that time, we grew to over 120 feet, much taller than even a Tyrannosaurus Rex! The dinosaurs and my relatives were great friends, although they did eat us occasionally.


When the ice age came, we had to mutate and get really small. We learned how to blow over dry land and sleep, waiting for water. Usually we drifted around until we stumbled upon a puddle. Then we drank greedily and went back to sleep until we found our next "fountain"!


My secret is that I am very easy to care for. I donít even need to bury my roots! All I need is a little water and some occasional sleep. With the Brachiosaurus gone, Iíll be perfectly safe in your home!


Give me some water and I will spring to life in less than one day! Let me dry out, and I will shrink back to my sleeping state. I can sleep for up to fifty years and will still rise when you place me in water!



Whatís included in your kit
  • Clear plastic bowl
  • Bag of New Mexico lava rocks
  • Dinosaur Plant
What youíll need to get
  • Cup or glass
  • Water
  • Sunlight


Bring me back to life!


1.       Remove the New Mexico lava rocks from the bag and place them in the bowl.

2.       Arrange the rocks in a circle, making a hole in the center.

3.       Fill your cup with water, dunk me several times in the water, and place me in the center of the lava rocks with my roots down.

4.       Pour enough water into the bowl to cover my roots.

5.      Watch me spring to life and grow right before your eyes!If you look closely, you may even be able to see me move!Listen, and you might hear my fibers expanding.Iíll be fully awake in just three hours.


Put me back to sleep!


To dry me out, simply donít refill my bowl today and let the water evaporate.Iíll fall asleep in a week, and you can wake me up again a few weeks later!


Tips for Caring for Me



Interesting Facts


I, your Dinosaur Plant:

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