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It's the snow sensation that's blanketing the nation. Super Snow has been featured in Family Fun Magazine, on the CBS Early Show, Good Morning America, and many more! Simply stir the powder into water and watch it turn into fluffy, sparking shiny snow! Super Snow lasts for weeks, is totally reusable, and looks like real snow! It has countless applications and has been used in movie sets, in indoor snowboarding parks, and at weddings, parties, and other events. A variety of sizes are offered to meet any target price-point.

Speedy Snow

Speedy Snow Jar

Holiday Snow Header

Mini Make Your Own Snowman World

Make Your Own Snowman World

Super Snow 1.5 lb Bucket

Super Snow Jar

Super Snow, 1 lb. bag

Super Snow Header

Super Snow Action A

Super Snow Action B

Super Snow Action C

Super Snow Action D

Super Snow Action E

Super Snow Action F

Super Snow Action G

Super Snow Action H

Super Snow Action I
Christmas Tree

Super Snow Action J

Super Snow Action K

Snowman Kit Action

Speedy Snow Action