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"The following story is true. Last week we were just about to leave for a morning at Disneyland when a large brown box appeared at the front door. My 5 year old, who loves science, wanted to see what was inside, so we quickly opened it to take a peek. It was a box full of DuneCraft treasures. As soon as he saw the Space Sand, he said, "Mom let's stay home and try this out." We still went to Disneyland, but it was the first thing out of his mouth when we got home!..." Heather of SwankyMoms.com
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"Edmund Scientific is all about connecting consumers with science and encouraging exploration of the world around us. Products like The Amazing Dinosaur Plant and Carnivorous Creations are big hits with Edmund customers because they blend real science with entertaining themes that are both cool and unique. DuneCraft puts the science of plants into the consumers' hands." Tim Burns, Brand Manager of Edmund Scientifics

I purchased the Carnivorous Creations dome a little over a year ago, and I have to say that what started out as simple curiousity, has bloomed into a new hobby. I have since purchased a number of venus fly traps, pitcher plants and sundews through various online retailers, and have sang praise for the Carnivorous Creations dome to everyone I know. When friends and family come over to visit, they can't belive that I have carnivorous plants growing in my apartment. I know several of them have purchased the Carnivorous Creations dome since, and are simply fascinated by how simple it really is to grow such interesting plants that many have only heard about. I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a fun and intriguing thing as the Carnivorous Creations dome. I can't wait to try the others!!" James, Customer

Interesting fun facts on package, creates excitement about the world around us and makes for stimulating conversation! Directions are very clear and straight to the point." Great American Toy Test (2005) on The World's Simplest Crystal

"I LOVE your products! They always work and whenever I'm thinking about buying some exotic plants, I look at your website. I have also told all my friends, who adored all of my plants too, that they could buy them at DuneCraft.com. And as far as I know, every single person in my class wants a few because I brought my plants in to school - cactus, Madagascar Palms, and Sensitive Plants - and they were the spotlight of the week. Thank you, for creating a reliable source of exotic things for me to access, and interesting me for perhaps the whole summer." Allebasi, consumer

"Get ready to share a magical moment with your child when you sit down to plant your very own fairy garden. Several parents told us that they never heard of such a thing, but after reading the very creative instructions and the storyline they were hooked. Testers after tester told us how they really enjoyed the experience, imagining the lure of the fairies, their history, and their mystique. It makes for wonderful conversation and together time. Then, when your garden starts to grow the real magic begins." The National Parenting Center 2007

"Our Family Testers found Bonsai Village to be an awesome way to grow a unique little piece of paradise. The dome shaped container is the perfect environment for the plants to being sprouting in less than a week. It has ample room for kids' to create a special landscape with meditation stones, a Buddha statue, bonsai decals, plant stakes, and natural gravel. The kids simply adore it!" Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award 2007

"There are several "snow making" products on the market today. Each produces a unique type of "snow" to be used for a variety of reasons. What is packed away in this tiny container are the ingredients to make a silicone based snow substance that is so lifelike in its consistency of a wet snow that it will amaze you. Making this snow requires some patience, but the results are superior if your intention is to shape. Mold or work with snow in a design situation. Super Snow will be a great addition to many winter themed classroom projects." Great American Toy Test 2006