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Our new White Box format allows us to introduce an array of exciting gardens quickly! These unique and fun dome terrariums come with a number of seed packs, gravel, growing medium, stakes, and instructions. Best yet, they are exclusive to mail order and internet retailers!

Jumbo Veggie & Herb Garden

Grow 20 plants with the Jumbo Veggie & Herb Garden! Contains 6 vegetable seed packs, 4 bonus herb seed packs, and much more!

Sweet Peppers


Sugar Snap


Tobacco Farm

Grow your own tobacco plants! Few plants have had as much impact on civilization, and America in particular, as tobacco. Once called “brown gold” tobacco has been used for religious purposes, prescribed as medicine, and traded as currency. It has founded colonies, moved whole groups of people, and financed nations. A hassle-free planting and easy maintenance will make this bright green plant with brilliant flowers an excellent addition to your home.

Beer Garden

Everyone loves the taste of fresh beer. Grow beer in your very own beer garden! You will find it fun, rewarding, and tasty to grow your own beer making plants. They sprout and grow quickly and easily. Hops are the flavoring and stability agent of beer. Barley is integral in making beer and can regulate blood sugar levels for up to ten hours after consumption. Wheat is used to aid in fermentation and is the second most-produced food in the world. All three of these plants fuse together to make great beer!

Doomsday Vegetables All-Star Collection

These plants were bred and designed to sustain us in the event of the unforseeable. They will produce fruits and vegetables early and in low light conditions. Fortunately, the end as we know it has not come, but you can still benefit from the utility of these amazing plants today. They can be grown indoors in bright light or outdoors and will generate small but tasty produce within a few months of sprouting the seeds. This complete kit comes with everything needed to start several doomsday gardens today!