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Our collection of exotic seeds is unlike any available from other companies. Our tropical collection includes palm trees, cacti, aloe, banana trees, ferns, and many more that are not easily available to the home grower. All our seeds are thoroughly tested to assure germination. Only the freshest seed from the world's finest growers is used. All types have a shelf life of several years and are of the highest quality.

Instructions for saving high resolution photos:

Simply right click on the image that you would like to download. Select "Save Target As" (or "Save Link As" - depending upon your browser) and choose where you want to save the file. The file can now be opened.

NOTE: Do not try to open files directly from the Internet as the files are several megabytes in size and will take several minutes to open.

Alyssum Seeds

Antenna Plant Seeds

Apple Tree Seeds

Asparagus Fern Seeds

Banana Tree Seeds

Barley Seeds

Basil Seeds

Beauty Bush Seeds

Black Dragon Coleus Seeds

Blue Fescue Seeds

Boston Ivy Seeds

Brain Plant Seeds

Butterfly Bush Seeds

Cabbage Palm Seeds

Carnivorous Seeds

Mini Carrot Seeds

Cattails Seeds

Chamomile Seeds

China Doll Seeds

Chive Seeds

Cilantro Seeds

Clover Seeds

Coffee Seeds

Cucumber Seeds

Date Palm Seeds

Desert Marigold Seeds

Dragon Tree Dracaena

Eggplant Seeds

Eucalyptus Seeds

Evening Star Seeds

Eyeball Plant Seeds

Fly Trap Fiends Seeds

Ginkgo Tree Seeds

Green Bean Seeds

Habenero Pepper Seeds

Cayenne Pepper Seeds

Hops Seeds

Hyssop Seeds

Jewel Weed Seeds

Joseph's Coat Seeds

Lemon Balm Seeds

Lettuce Seeds

Lobelia Seeds

Madagascar Palm Seeds

Meadow Mix Seeds

Mexican Cigar Plant Seeds

Mini-Melon Seeds

Moon Flowers Seeds

Mosquito Grass Seeds

Mustard Plant Seeds

Odd Pods Seeds

Oregano Seeds

Pampas Grass Seeds

Parsley Seeds

Peanut Seeds

Peking Lilac Seeds

Petunia Seeds

Austrian Pine Seeds

Polka Dot Palant Seeds

Pitcher Plant Predators Seeds

Plume Grass Seeds

Pony Tail Palm Seeds

Prehistoric Palm Seeds

Prickly Pear Seeds

Rainbow Plant Seeds

Red Maple Seeds

River Birch Seeds

Sage Seeds

Sensitive Plant Seeds

Siberian Elm Tree Seeds

Siberian Pea Shrub Seeds

Spaceship Plant Seeds

Spearmint Seeds

St. John's Wort Seeds

Strawberry Seeds

Succulent Mix Seeds

Sugar Snap Pea Seeds

Sundew Savages Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Sweet Leaf Seeds

Sweet Pepper Seeds

Sycamore Seeds

Tasty Herbs Seeds

Thyme Seeds

Tomato Seeds

Torenia Seeds

Watermelon Seeds

Wheat Grass Seeds

Wild West Cactus Mix Seeds

Wisteria Seeds

Zinnia Seeds